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These guys are fantastic, very professional and polite. The pricing is reasonable and most importantly, the work is top notch. You can tell they care about getting the project done right. They even do a great job cleaning up. By the time they left, everything was spotless. I will definitely use them again, and recommend them to others.

John A., Orange, CT

While I was back in CT at my parents’ house, we blew a switch in the bathroom. When my father and I tried to switch it out we realized that the circuit was daisy chained out to the kitchen and that our replacement switch was a bit more complicated. After only partially fixing the problem, I called these guys. They were friendly and professional and were able to come out at 9am the next morning, and the problem was fixed in half an hour. The electrician even politely tolerated all my curiosity about the circuit (I’m a budding electrician now apparently). I would definitely use them again.

Owen C.

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